Lead Generation for B2B

MixDigital Team
1 April, 2022 2 min.

The client is an agricultural company that provides smartphone-based tractor navigation and autosteer system for farmers. 

The marketing goal of the campaign is to get qualified leads in new markets: Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Greece, Poland, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Slovenia, and South Africa.

Ad campaign goals:

  • To generate relevant traffic to the website.
  • To find countries with the best lead generation rates.
  • To get and increase the number of qualified leads.

Ad campaign duration: July — December 2021

Our Approach and solution:

Increasing relevant web traffic that could convert into leads was paramount to measuring our success. 

So our first step was to review and set up web analytics and all conversions to track the customer journeys. Also, we set up:

  • Integration between CRM and Google Analytics to assess the quality of the lead.
  • Import Facebook Ads cost to Google Analytics.
  • Google Data Studio Dashboard helps collect all data from different channels in one place and delivers clear answers on how to improve and optimize ad campaigns. 

The next step was to select traffic sources that could help to achieve the client’s goals. We researched target audience portrait and searched terms on  Google.  That enabled us to choose relevant channels for our campaign.  

Our team launched campaigns in Google and Facebook Ads.

In Google Ads we set up:

  • Brand, category, and competitive search campaigns.
  • Smart Display and Discovery campaigns to acquire new users.
  • Display remarketing campaigns to return users to the website to leave a lead.

In Facebook Ads we set up:

  • Conversions and lead generation campaigns to acquire new users with audience behaviors and look-a-like of current customer lists targetings.
  • Remarketing campaigns on 1rst party audiences: website users, CRM data, Facebook page followers, and engagement users. 

The last step was to analyze and optimize the ad campaigns. We implemented A/B testing to optimize creativity and find the best approach and the most engaging audience to drive the highest CTR and conversion rates. We also work with search terms to find the most relevant and exclude non-effective ones. 


In six months of the ad campaign, we generated more than 120 000 visitors to the client’s website and got more than 3 000 leads of which 900 were qualified. 

  • From the start of the campaign to the end, we reduced the CPC twice through continuous testing and optimizations.
  • The Conversion Rate increased by 50% and CPL reduced by more than 65%.
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