Case Study: Increasing Leads And Engagement Among Residential Property Buyers Using Display & Video 360

MixDigital Team
12 October, 2022 3 min.

Client — one of the biggest real estate developers in the Kyiv region with a successful track record of developing residential properties, infrastructure facilities, social facilities.

This case showcases, how with the help of Display & Video 360 we obtained an effective reach of the target audience, while the number of leads increased, and their cost decreased by two times.

Client’s business goals:

Growth of apartment sales in residential complexes.

Campaign goals:

Build effective reach among the target audience of residential complexes with the help of  Display & Video 360 to generate demand and to increase the number of leads.


In order to achieve client’s goals, a similar promotions approach in Display & Video 360 was used for all residential complexes:

  1. Floodlight tags were set up to collect audiences and to track micro– (going on the ‘Contacts’ page, opening pages with apartment room plans, etc.) and macro-conversions (sending out a request form on the website, sending out call-back forms). Also, additionally, High-Probability Lead goals were set up – users, who visited the website and were similar based on behavioral factors to those users who eventually became leads  This allowed for collection of more data on conversions at the start, and for optimization of campaigns for them.
  2. The campaign’s structure was built based on the target audience’s segmentation and DV360 optimization. At the start, the campaign was set up with purchase based on CPC and optimization for CPA. This way the first campaign allowed to build awareness among the target audience and to attract target traffic to the website. And with the help of the second campaign, we worked towards raising the number of leads and lowering CPL.
  3. For identifying the target audience at the get-go, the campaign was set up for various segments by interests, intentions, interested buyers, 3rd-party audiences, website categories, and keywords. As data was collected, less effective target audience segments were excluded, and new Look-a-Like ones were added on the basis of audience profile analysis, which was made possible by DV&360. With the help of extracted reports on interests, we received statistics and insights about the audience that was targeted. Also, data was received on audience segments, which belonged to users who were reached by our ads.
  4. Working on creatives, various formats were tested  (standard HTML banners and adaptive creative), communications (USP and competitive advantage), and visuals. While collecting statistics, ineffective creative, which engaged the audience the least, were terminated and new ones were added as the TA was burning out.
  5. The effectiveness of different TA segments and the creative were valued not only based on post-click conversions but also based on post-view. As the cycle of the user’s decision-making process in this particular product is quite long.

Campaign results:

Within 3 months, 50 leads were received, 75% of which were post-click. We managed to reduce cost-per-click by 45%. CPC for the last month of placement was 2.2UAH. CTR was 0.45%, and it grew by 15% for the campaign’s duration.


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