Display & Video 360

Display & Video 360 is Google’s programmatic platform for purchasing advertising inventory. It is one tool for planning, optimising, launching, and evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Display & Video 360 allows you to:

  • Create personalised creatives
  • Analyse and segment your audience in detail
  • Set up the same frequency for different ad formats

Display & Video 360 makes it possible to

  • Launch banner, native, audio and video ads, including on YouTube. It also allows for advertising in Gmail and mobile apps promotion
  • Find high-quality equipment and make direct deals or work on RTB. Over 100 different Exchanges and SSPs, including the Google Display Network and YouTube.
  • Reach your audience with Google data, your own data, and third-party data. It also makes it possible to see a large number of different segments of the audience and the ability to create custom.
  • Detailed targeting by demographics, GEO, apps and URLs, ad visibility, devices, browsers and many other parameters.
  • Use Google machine learning and advanced optimisation algorithms technology to achieve goals such as:
    – Building branding, product or service knowledge and generating demand
    – Visibility optimisation or video views
    – Attracting targeted traffic to a website or app. Click optimisation or optimisation for app install
    – Increasing sales, leads or other targeted actions. Conversion optimisation.
  • Combine all placed ads inside one interface for more flexible budget management
  • Deeply analyse the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, receive insights about targeted audience, put forward and test hypotheses to improve the results of the advertising campaign

Key Reasons to Work with MixDigital

  • We are part of the Admixer group of companies that are the exclusive technical partner in the Ukrainian market for the Google Marketing Platform, which includes Display & Video 360
  • Our team consists of professionals and experts in their field. We offer complete solutions using all the features of media & performance in digital
  • We are committed to long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation, and not a one-time pay. More than 70% of our customers have cooperated with us for 3+ years. Our reputation and your business results are more important to us than immediate income.
  • We are responsible for our actions and promises
  • We don’t work with briefs; instead, we work with businesses that have clear, measurable goals and tasks
  • Support, advice and placement control by our experts