Display & Video 360

Display & Video 360 is Google’s own programmatic platform. This DSP (Demand Side Platform) allows you to buy and run programmatic advertising over 100 Exchanges and SSPs, including Google Display Network, YouTube, and direct deals with different publishers. DV360 is an integrated platform that offers a single tool for planning campaigns, creating and managing creatives, organizing and applying audience data, finding and buying inventory, measuring and optimizing advertising campaigns.


Display & Video 360 allows to

  • Get Access to a myriad of publishers all in one place, managing and reporting on all your inventory: Display, Video, YouTube, and Audio
  • Easier to monitor and control performance: see how your budget is spent and understand exactly where your ads are running across all of your campaigns.
  • Reach your target audience using Google data, your own data (website, YouTube, mobile app users, and customer list), and 3d party data by different data providers
  • Manage and better understand your audience with the help of Audience profile analysis, Activity-based audience builder, and Audience-based frequency caps
  • Get different insights from artificial intelligence platform: bidding and optimization automatically surface insights and recommendations to achieve your goals
  • Build and manage creatives: discover new, innovative formats and test them. Use data-driven creatives with different variations of your message that resonate with your audience
  • Work together across different teams (media, creative, data, and analytics) within the same platform with five modules including Campaigns, Audiences, Creative, Inventory, and Insights to achieve the overall results

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Available formats

Image ads
Video ads
Responsive ads
Native Ads
Non-standard formats
Dynamic and data-driven creatives
Audio ads
App promotion ads


  • Demographic: Age, Gender, Parental status
  • Location and Languages
  • Ad schedule: days, times, and frequency
  • Viewability: % of active view impressions
  • Device: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, TV
  • Environment: web, app
  • Connection Speed
  • Carrier & ISP
  • Content Targeting: Topics, Placements, Keywords
  • Brand safety: sensitive content, content labels, and types of placements
  • Interests and habits: Affinity and custom audience
  • Researching or planning: in-market and custom intent audience
  • Life events: graduating from college, moving homes, getting married, and other
  • Past interactions: website, YouTube, mobile app, customer list
  • Similar Audiences: lookalike of website users, leads, customers, and other
  • Third-party audiences by different data providers
  • Combined audiences by various attributes
  • Activity-based audiences
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Google Ads helps to gain traffic and leads on your website, increase online sales and app installs or raise brand awareness with effective campaigns
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DV360 is an integrated platform that offers a single tool for a lot of ad services
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Creating ads, managing, and tracking how your advertising is performing
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Creating ads, managing, and tracking how your advertising is performing
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Analytics helps collect data, track user behavior, optimize marketing and advertising campaigns
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Promoting your app when your target audience search on the App Store and match your potential customers with your app
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We have the status of a partner company of Google, Meta, Criteo and other international platforms.

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