Google Ads

Google Ads (or Google Advertising) is a service for launching search, media, video, and commercial advertising campaigns, as well as campaigns to promote mobile apps on the Internet.

Key facts:

  • 93% market share of all search engines in the world 
  • 90% internet coverage worldwide
  • 1.8 billion active users on YouTube monthly
  • Wide targeting options: socio-demographic, geo-targeting, placement, keywords, interests, intentions, data and others
  • Many ad formats: banners, videos, text messages, product listing ads
  • Advanced optimization algorithms based on signals from Google search, YouTube, Google maps, Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Play, and other company products


Google Ads features

  • Work with generated demand and show advertisements in the search results to the user’s requests. The main goal of search campaigns is sales, attracting potential customers, and generating traffic to the website.
  • The campaigns on the Google Display Network make it possible to reach your target audience using banner and video ads on various websites, in mobile apps, on YouTube and through Gmail.
  • Show product listing Ads on Google Search and other websites as an image with product, description, price, and other information.
  • Mobile apps promotion: increase the number of installations or conversions within the app. Ads are placed on YouTube, Google Search, Google Play, and Display Network.
  • Measure the impact of YouTube advertising campaign against the attitude of the target audience to the brand: increase ad memorability, interest in the brand, willingness to choose the brand, brand preference over other brands, intent to purchase.

Benefits of working with MixDigital

  1. MixDigital is the premier partner of Google Ads.
  2. Personal support from the Google team. Access to closed alpha and beta testing of new campaigns types, audit solutions, strategies, and creatives.
  3. 40+ qualified and certified professionals.
  4. We are responsible for our actions and promises.
  5. We don’t work with briefs; we work with businesses that have clear, measurable goals and tasks
  6. Access to exclusive training materials and events from Google, Facebook, Criteo, and other our partners.