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Mixdigital is a results-driven agency that blends precise measurement, data analysis, and strategic media planning to deliver impactful brand and performance advertising solutions. Our business-oriented approach enables us to provide granular insights and optimize campaigns for the maximum ROI.

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Google Ads helps to gain traffic and leads on your website, increase online sales and app installs or raise brand awareness with effective campaigns
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DV360 is an integrated platform that offers a single tool for a lot of ad services
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Creating ads, managing, and tracking how your advertising is performing
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Creating ads, managing, and tracking how your advertising is performing
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Analytics helps collect data, track user behavior, optimize marketing and advertising campaigns
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Promoting your app when your target audience search on the App Store and match your potential customers with your app
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During our cooperation, the company has proven itself as a reliable and proactive partner. All tasks were performed efficiently and on time. Outstanding traits of the company are as follows: orientation on result, flexibility, transparency, and speed. The agency team knows its business and is responsible for the results. Services and products are offered at a high level. I recommend MixDigital as an effective, responsible, and reliable partner.

The agency's team has planned and successfully implemented a campaign to promote a pharmaceutical drug that hadn’t previously been presented on the Internet. All tasks were fulfilled, the company proved to be a reliable and professional partner, whom we can safely recommend. By choosing MixDigital as your partner, you will receive quality expertise and a result-oriented team of experienced professionals who will work to achieve your goals.

MixDigital will become your reliable partner and guide through the rapidly evolving Digital Universe. The greatest value for me, as a client, is a cohesive and professional team that always answers any questions rapidly, adapts flexibly to changes, finds alternative solutions and is always in touch.

Our company has been cooperating with MixDigital for over 8 years. During this time, we have implemented numerous joint projects. We release several films every month and each of them is accompanied by an ad campaign, targeted at a wide variety of audiences. Thanks to their effective planning, we have always been able to achieve the desired results. I appreciate the efficiency of our partners and their willingness to listen to our needs.

We have been working with MixDigital since the beginning of 2019 in the branch of Display and Performance advertising. We appreciate the company for its flexibility, transparency and efficiency of the team, which has always been ready to provide professional support.

We are collaborating with MixDigital on the “Your Family Doctor” project, which is a large-scale national campaign to support medical reform in Ukraine. The brand “Your family doctor” unites the community of doctors and patients, helps promote the need for family medicine. It’s a social project, budgets for placement are small, so we required maximum effectiveness from the advertising in digital. First of all, we expect high expertise and a desire to help the client from an agency, we need turnkey services. Therefore, we did not think for a long time about choosing the agency. Our interaction with the team is very lively: the account manager always advises which tools to turn off, which ones to reinforce. The campaign comes out dynamic, and the results are often even better than expected. Digital tools help create a wide reach, and this is critical to convey to people the essence of interaction with a family doctor. In addition, on social networks you can receive comments and questions from people - something that you will not achieve with other placement options. We always read comments, understand which topics should be focused on more, where additional information is required, or the help of specialists. We have our own customer for the project, the charitable organization “100% Life” and they are also pleased with the result.

It’s a highly responsive and capable team, and I enjoy working with you.

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