Case Study: Reducing CPL by 2x in Online Trading and Training Niche for Gerchik&Co

MixDigital Team
26 April, 2022 3 min.

The client is an international brand Gerchik&Co  — info-business that provides trading services.

There are 5 main products:

  • Trading training with a personal bot-mentor.
  • Trading course.
  • Trading toolkit.
  • Advisor for trades.
  • Trading Platform.

Business goals: Launch products on the Middle East market and increase the number of clients in Ukraine,  Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Belarus markets.

Ad campaign goals:

Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Belarus markets:

  • To generate relevant traffic to the websites.
  • Increase the number of qualified leads.
  • Reduce CPL.

Middle East market:

  • Launch products on the new market.
  • To generate relevant traffic to the websites.
  • Get leads.

Ad campaign duration: November’21 — March’22


At the start of the project, we audited web analytics settings, which allowed us to identify issues that need to be fixed for correct tracking and data analysis. We set up an efficient views structure in Google Analytics. Setup conversion tracking by all customer journey steps. This allowed us to analyze data and understand at what stage the user left the website and what we need to change to increase the conversion rate.

For lead generation, we used Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The sales funnel was built based on the client’s products, which allowed us to convert cold audiences into leads step by step.

Based on the sales funnel, for each of the stages, we have selected a relevant product and a strategy.

At the top of the funnel, we promoted training and course by reach campaigns. We set up Google display campaigns and reach campaigns in Facebook Ads with target audience segments by interest and behaviors. We also set up search campaigns in Google to work with the formed demand by trading education.

At the middle stage of the funnel, we worked with users who have already become familiar with the products but have not yet decided to use them. They need additional information about the value of the products. At this stage, we have been promoting a trading toolkit and an advisor for trades. We used a mix of traffic and conversion campaigns. We targeted by interests and used Look-a-Like audiences based on website conversions and the client’s CRM data. We also worked with remarketing campaigns based on engagement audiences. In Google Ads, we used Performance Max campaigns.

At the bottom of the sales funnel, we worked with audiences that are ready to make a decision to start using the client’s main product — a trading platform. We used conversion campaigns with the main focus on remarketing audiences and specific Look-a-Like audiences.


For 5 months of the advertising campaign, we conducted a/b testing of audiences, creatives, and different types of campaigns in Google and Facebook Ads. Optimized campaigns depending on the results. We managed to build an effective lead generation funnel for each client product. We continue to effectively implement existing business directions and launch new ones. Test new types of advertising campaigns and select new strategies within the formed sales funnel.

  • Average CTR increased from 1.75% to 5.42%
  • CPC reduce from $0,15 to $0,02
  • CPL reduce from $2,6 to $1,2

“We have been working with MixDigital for more than half a year. We requested a high-quality lead generation with the help of Google Ads and Facebook Ads tools. Our company cooperated with a plenty of agencies. We have different experiences, including bad ones. Now we are completely satisfied by MixDigital job and services quality. Mostly we are happy with a team of professionals, who react to all requests quickly, and turn all our ideas into reality”. — says Olha Kaluzhna, Chief Marketing Officer Gerchik&CO.


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