Case Study: Increasing Campaign Reach by 3x in 8 Months for Global Beauty Brand

MixDigital Team
28 July, 2022 3 min.

Client – a mass-market brand for makeup and skincare products, accessories, and perfumes, famous worldwide. The company operates under the direct sales business model as well as under the e-commerce model.

Client’s business goal: 3:1 return on investment in digital.

Ad campaign goal:

  • Generate relevant traffic to the website.
  • Conduct A/B testing to improve the campaign’s results.
  • Increase ROI and decrease ERS.

Ad campaign duration:

The campaign is active. This case describes September 2020 – May 2021 period.

Campaign goal:

Increase sales on eCommerce website in the beauty category.

Ad approach, tactics, and tools:

  • Before the ad campaign launch, we audited the settings of GTM, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Merchant Center, and Facebook Ads. After analyzing the audit’s results, pain points and areas for growth were identified.
  • In Google Analytics, we completed a set up of all the necessary interactions, in order to track users’ customer journey and to understand at which stage they leave the website without completing a transaction. This allowed us to identify weak points, apply changes on the website, and increase CR by two times.
  • Configured links between GA360, Campaign Manager, and Search Ads 360. Created interactions in Floodlight, which were used later for campaign optimization in Search Ads 360. To automate the process in the data feed separate custom labels were created. This allowed us to automatically take out discount offers into a separate display and make an emphasis on them.

In Google Ads, the campaign organization was reworked. At launch, the following was set up:

  • Shopping campaigns. Created SOW for the data feed. Added categories, discounts, descriptions. The percentage of impressions in search results increased, we attracted more target users, who complete transactions.
  • Search campaigns on brand and category search queries. The primary budget was allocated to the brand’s traffic in order to buy out 99% of queries. To work with category queries, DSA campaign was set up.
  • Dynamic remarketing and remarketing to those, who added products to the shopping cart, but haven’t completed a purchase. After collecting data and based on analysis’ results, we switched off dynamic remarketing in Google Ads in favor of dynamic remarketing in Criteo. The latter demonstrated better results in the quantity of orders and return on investment.

Testing of Discovery Ads and YouTube for Shopping was conducted. The campaigns did not demonstrate desired results and were switched off.

Search Ads 360 was imployed in order to optimize the campaigns to meet ROI goals. Automated bidding process and budget plans’ settings helped speed up ad campaigns’ optimization. Additionally, we integrated Facebook in Search Ads 360, in order to track and optimize ad campaigns given cross-channel attribution.

In Facebook Ads we reworked the structure based on the sales funnel. The following was set up:

  • Campaigns with conversion-focused optimization to attract new audiences based on their interests and look-a-like audiences of those, who completed transactions and CRM client base.
  • Dynamic remarketing using the product catalog.
  • Campaigns with optimization focusing on conversions for 1st party client data: website users, who have not completed a transaction, CRM database of Facebook and Instagram followers.

During the campaign, we accounted for an overlapping audience and audience burnout. We regularly tested new creative and messages, analyzed creative, and formed recommendations for designers.

Ad campaign results

For the 8 months of the ad campaign, we conducted A/B testing, optimized campaigns, tested various audiences, types of campaigns, had an open line of communication with the client, and received feedback on a regular basis.

As a result:

  • Cost per transaction decreased by 240%.
  • The conversion Rate on the website increased by 3 times from 0.20% to 1.06%.
  • Return on investment increased, and ERS declined by 260%.


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