Case Study: Increasing Rocket App Installs Using Appnext

MixDigital Team
9 August, 2022 3 min.

Food delivery service Rocket was founded in 2018 in Dnipro city and began functioning in Kyiv in 2019. Within two years owners launched branches in 28 cities in Ukraine, also started work in France, Cyprus, Greece, and the Netherlands. Just like Rocket’s competitors, the company’s main product is a mobile app. Customer chooses food from a restaurant, makes an order, and waits for delivery.

In winter 2021, during rebranding, an ad campaign was launched. The campaign’s task:

The performance ad campaign had two main objectives for the app:

  • Increase the number of installs
  • Decrease the cost per order

The campaign’s period December 2020-June 2021

Campaign’s prep and AppNext’s advantage

The client promotes the app in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It was important to find new traffic sources to scale campaigns.

We offered to test AppNext. It’s a platform for app promotions. AppNext has their own recommendation system, which supports placement both in apps and on such devices as Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo.

AppNext collaborates with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), operators and app developers. The company creates a new ecosystem of audience engagement, based on its own technology AppNext Timeline a function that predicts users’ behavior.

Formats and possibilities of AppNext

Users receive personalized recommendations on their device, based on their interests.

Recommendations of apps may be displayed:

  • on the main screen of smartphone
  • in app store
  • in news feed
  • in personal folders

Formats may differ, depending on placement, and may adapt to it. The ads look native and may be displayed as a separate banner in news feed or as a full screen video. It all depends on creatives and objectives.

Appnext helps attract new audiences and return the old ones, reminding clients that they haven’t ordered in a while.

There are the following payment models to choose from:

  • Cost Per Click
  • Cost Per Install
  • Cost Per Action (after collecting data)

In order to integrate, MMP (Mobile Measurement Partner) platforms such as Adjust or Appsflyer are needed. They allow tracking effectiveness indicators of traffic.

Details of performance campaign for Rocket

We set up the campaign to attract a new audience with CPI payment and optimization for CPO. Adjust was used to track the number and cost of orders.

Cities with a population of over one million were targeted.

As data was collected and results were analyzed, we adjusted the cost for various ad placements. Ineffective ones were excluded, while those with good results were reinforced.

From December 2020 till June 2021, we received 9000 app installs, 2705 in-app orders, and the cost of CPO decreased by 50%.


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