Apple Search is an effective solution for promoting mobile apps by keywords or using Search Match in the App Store.

Key facts:

  • 70% of iPhone users use the App Store to search for new apps
  • 65% of all iPhone installations are from the App Store
  • 50% is an average Apple Search conversion rate
  • 15% of Ukrainian Internet users have iOS devices

Apple Search Features

  • Precise keyword targeting for the most effective and converting searches
  • Campaigns for searching new keywords with two ad groups: broad match type and Search Match. Using this feature, the system independently selects keywords based on information about the app and user behavior
  • CPT payment (cost per tab) with CPA optimisation
  • System recommendations for optimal CPT based on app data
  • Targeting by GEO, device types, demographics, delivery schedules, user types: new, returning, users of other apps
  • Recommendations from Apple Search Support for keywords and TOP searches in the category
  • Apple Search Ads help with App Store optimisation: search for new and converting keywords
  • The ability to pick up competitors’ traffic: targeting keywords related to competitor brands
  • Your brand protection: ad always appears in the first position according to brand requests, so customers don’t go to competitors

Benefits of working with MixDigital

  • Ability to communicate with Apple Search Support: keyword recommendations and TOP queries in the category; reports of current campaigns about auction position and recommendations on how to get 1st or 3rd position, what bid amount is needed for this
  • We provide the opportunity to work in the legal field for our direct customers and advertising agencies. You can pay for placements with bank payments in national currency. For our trusted partners, there is a possibility for postpay.
  • Depending on your tasks, we give access to the advertising cabinet—we advise, help with setup or take full responsibility for your mobile app promotion.
  • Flexible customer service allows us to connect project management to the client’s business processes
  • Transparency of our services and pricing. We are honest with our customers.