Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC is an opportunity to increase your sales on Amazon through internal targeted advertising.

Key facts

  • 310+ million active buyers
  • 12+ million items
  • CPC ads. Pay only when the ad receives clicks
  • Advertising helps you to find the customers who are looking for products like yours
  • Advertising provides instant brand and product awareness
  • Amazon PPC Boosts Organic Product Listing
  • Amazon Prime’s average user check was $1,400 last year

Amazon PPC features

  • Sponsored Products – ads for selected product listings on Amazon. They appear on search result pages and product information pages, helping to increase sales and product recognition.
  • Sponsored Brands – ads containing the brand logo, your own headline, and up to three of your products. It appears in search results
  • Automatic targeting is based on product information and manual targeting by keywords, products and categories
  • Ability to set negative keywords so they are not shown for irrelevant queries
  • Keyword recommendation system based on selected products
  • Broad, phrase, and exact keyword match type
  • 3 bidding strategies: dynamic – ‘down only’ and ‘up and down’, as well as a fixed rate set by you
  • Split tests for comparing the effectiveness of product images, product descriptions and other parameters
  • Convenient management and campaign statistics. Ability to create custom reports
  • Connection of additional services for managing profit, not income

Work Stages

  • Creating / Auditing an Amazon Advertising Account
  • Creating new advertising campaigns
  • Building an effective account structure
  • Searching for targeted keywords (semantic core development of the product)
  • Strategic bid management
  • Creating the list of negative keywords
  • Effective Management of Manual and Auto Campaigns
  • Setting up advertising campaigns based on data from competitors
  • Work with Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands (only for customers with Registered Brand) and Product Display Ads (only for Vendor)
  • A / B product testing with Amazon Experiments
  • Getting Best Sellers Badge using PPC
  • Monitoring the implementation of strategic goals and budgets
  • Tracking Results and Reporting (Data Studio)
  • Setting up an Amazon Attribution to drive sales from other sources
  • Quarterly Competitive Analysis

Benefits of working with MixDigital

  • 40+ qualified and certified professionals
  • Transparency of cooperation. Regular reporting with conclusions and recommendations.
  • We are responsible for what we do and for what we promise. We don’t work with briefs, we work with businesses that have clear, measurable goals and objectives
  • Flexible client service allows us to connect project management to the client’s business processes
  • Our clients are always on the level: we provide trainings, lectures, consultations, and organise their participation in relevant events
  • Over 2 years’ experience with Amazon PPC
  • Successful Experience in New Product Launch on Amazon
  • Personal Manager for Amazon PPC
  • Simple, fast reporting system in Data Studio