Paid Social

Paid social media advertising is a set of tools that provide social media for paid promotion of content or advertising.

Paid social media advertising allows you to:

  1. Run image campaigns: build a wide coverage among the target audience and increase brand awareness
  2. Engage users in interacting with your brand on a social network: increase the number of page subscribers, increase engagement for publications, promote events
  3. Generate traffic: attract the target audience to the website, landing page or to the app in order to perform targeted actions
  4. Generate leads within social networks: the ability to collect contact information about users for further interaction with them
  5. Promote mobile apps: install and perform targeted actions

Key benefits of paid social media advertising

  1. Wide reach of the target audience
  2. A large number of targeting and segments based on users interests and behaviour
  3. Advertising embedded in content is perceived as native
  4. Many advertising formats: text, emoji, image, video, ring gallery, selection, polls

We offer

  • Preparation for launch
  • Set up web analytics systems to measure effectiveness
  • Setting up and launching an advertising campaign
  • Analysis and optimisation of advertising campaigns
  • Regular reporting on progress

Benefits of working with MixDigital

  • 40+ qualified and certified professionals
  • We are responsible for our actions and promises
  • We don’t work with briefs; we work with businesses that have clear, measurable goals and tasks
  • Transparency of cooperation. Access to advertising accounts, online statistics on the progress of advertising campaigns, regular reporting with conclusions and recommendations
  • More than 70% of clients have been working with us for 3+ years