MixDigital TradeDesk

MixDigital TradeDesk – its own programmatic platform for purchasing media advertising based on Admixer Technologies.

MixDigital TradeDesk

Key facts:

  • 80,000+ websites
  • 70+ inventory sources in 86 countries (biggest inventory sources in UK: Fyber, Mars Media, Pubnative, Mobfox, RhythmOne)
  • 40+ available ad formats
  • 3 DMP – Targeting Data Providers

MixDigital TradeDesk features

  • Bidding purchase model and direct deals on fixed CPM
  • Real-time access to advertising statistics
  • Custom dashboards
  • Integration with TNS allows for checking which audience your advertising campaign covered by gender and age
  • Exclusion of intersection of the audience between all websites or mobile apps
  • Extensive targeting options: a large number of audience segments; place and point targeting on the map; using your own data; weather targeting; 30+ standard targeting
  • Opportunity to get MixDigital TradeDesk in full control for in-house teams

Key Reasons to work with MixDigital

  • We are part of the Admixer group of companies
  • We know how to make the most of all the features of MixDigital TradeDesk 
  • Exclusive traffic sources
  • Exclusive targeting data sources
  • Custom reports based on PowerBI
  • 40+ qualified and certified professionals
  • We are responsible for our actions and promises
  • We don’t work with briefs; we work with businesses that have clear, measurable goals and tasks